How to prepare for the treatment

Try not to take headache medicine/ibuprofen seven days before treatment. Bear in mind to utilize an arnica for seven days before treatment. Try not to rehearse ahead of time. To evade hypertension, endeavor to remain quiet. Discharge the lip zone and supplant it without issues – abstain from utilizing the cosmetics no less than 4 hours after the treatment

What to expect during the treatment

Lip increase infusion methods can be rapidly done at your specialist’s office with practically no work interference. Infusion oil is a special case on the grounds that the procedure requires a little liposuction surface to expel fat from the other piece of the body before the infusion can happen. Ice might be given to ease distress and control swelling. Be that as it may, no firm weight ought to be put on the treatment region.

How long will the treatment last?

  • 30 Minutes

What results can I expect?

You ought to have the capacity to see a distinction promptly. After you have recuperated, your lips should feel common. Lipstick or other lip items are best dodged promptly after the strategy.

Are there any side effects?

The Injection is a type that causes wounding, draining and swelling (counting filter kilter swelling). You ought to expect a level of swelling and wounding after the method of filling the lips. What’s more, the hyaluronic corrosive filler is intended to attract water to the zone where it is found, giving the expanded appearance toward the start.

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