How to prepare for the treatment

There is no planning that is required. In any case, on the off chance that you are doing the Fraxel repair at that point ceasing your skin regimen, for example, glycolic corrosive, retinoic corrosive, vitamin C for 3 days before would be prescribed.

What to expect during the treatment

Your specialist will clean your skin, after which a topical sedative will be connected around one hour before starting Fraxel laser treatment. At the point when the technique starts, you will probably feel slight weight with each heartbeat of the laser. It might feel like an elastic band snapping against your skin. Following Fraxel treatment, your skin will be pink for a couple of days. This laser skin restoration treatment includes minimal downtime, which means you can go from your specialist’s office appropriate back to your office and nobody will be the savvier.

How long will the treatment last?

The treatment takes approximately half an hour to an hour to complete depending on the size of the treated area

What results can I expect?

Hope to see some redness in a few territories of your face, It’s savvy to keep the skin saturated after treatment with the Fraxel laser. Likewise, wear sun insurance with a sun assurance factor of 30 or over that is re-connected however much as could reasonably be expected amid the day. You can wear cosmetics to shroud a portion of the redness. The full outcomes will as a rule advance more than a while post-treatment.

Are there any side effects?

The only recorded side effects are skin redness which will disappear after a short while

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