What are heavy or droopy eyelids?

Excess skin found on the upper eye lid can make the eyes look heavy, tired and eye makeup can become hidden.

What causes heavy or droopy eyelids?

As we age cellular turnover slows and our collagen and elastic product decreases; this can cause the delicate skin around the eye to become sag and become crepey in appearance, and it may also overlap the eyelashes.

Sun damage, as well as the continual rubbing or the eyes due to tiredness or allergies over time can also pull on this delicate area, as does incorrect eye makeup removal.

What treatments are available for heavy or droopy eyelids?

Clapham Tooting Clinic offers a choice of skin care treatments for heavy or crepey eyelids. Why not book a consultation with one of our specialist skin care therapists; we’ll examine your eyelids and surrounding skin, recommend the best non-surgical treatment for you answer your questions.

Treatments for ageing and droopy eyelids are available at both our Kensington and Wimbledon skin clinics…



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