What is excess (unwanted) hair?

Unwanted, excess hair can be found anywhere on the face or body on both men and women, causing particular concern when it grows on the lip, chin and nipple.

What causes excess hair?

There are many reasons for excess hair growth: from genetics and hormones to certain medication and birth control. Over active or hormonal imbalances such as PCOS and Hirsutism are other causes.

Sometimes just friction or the stimulation of the hair by plucking, waxing and threading can trigger or encourage hair to grow thicker and more densely.

What treatments are available for excess and unwanted hair?

At Clapham Tooting Clinic we offer a choice of treatments for unwanted hair. Why not book a consultation with one of our specialists and they will discuss your concerns, answer your questions and recommend the right course of treatment for you.

Excess hair treatments are available at both our Kensington and Wimbledon skincare clinics…


  • ElectrolysisIPL
  • Hair Removal

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